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“All change leads to different opportunity” - Coding Jesus

At times, life can be challenging, especially when we feel like we have no direction and are at conflict with the significance of who we are and what we are doing on our journey to becoming the best version of which we are. Not knowing how to find fulfillment allows confusion and feelings of being lost, alone and worthless, despite any positivity that may be going on in our lives. In contrast, knowing how to find fulfillment will encourage a more practical approach to becoming the person you want to be. This is why, knowing how to find fulfillment is such an important part of you becoming your best you!

STEP 1 – Find Yourself

· To find yourself implies eliminating false conceptions of who you are and to reveal yourself to you, honestly.

· A false image of self encourages chasing ideals that don’t represent or endorse who we truly are, and inspires doing things in vain.

· Finding yourself avoids these issues, because knowing who you are inspires peace with your choices and actions in your life journey.

· Although it may be encouraged to do as the crowd does, or to accept the standards of living of everyone around you, it is important to acknowledge that it is your life that you are living, and if you are not content with your reality, it is within your ability to make the changes necessary.

· Finding yourself leads to believing in yourself, and believing in yourself leads to the fulfillment of your goals.

· Getting to know you are, and understanding your genuine likes and dislikes, as well as familiar with your emotions and habits will encourage the shaping of your reality, and encourage the actualization of your dreams, because, if you don’t know who you are, how could YOUR dreams come true?

STEP 2 – Choose your friends

· An important element to becoming fulfilled is to consider your environment and the people that play a significant role in your life journey.

· Always remember, because of familiarity, our minds are likely to shape our world view based on the perceptions of the minds around us.

· Therefore, If your friends with a group of encouraging, positive individuals who believe in taking responsibility for their lives, it is likely that you will become a more proactive individual who shapes their future.

· In contrast, If you’re friends with people that share a pessimistic attitude, who believe that the world has nothing to offer them and there is nothing in life that is worthwhile, it is likely that you will start to descend into a pool of negativity at some point, even if your mind was initially in the right place.

· Choosing your friends thus becomes an important factor to finding fulfillment because negative influences have a powerful effect on our life path, especially when those influences are from people that we hold dear to our hearts.

· For example, let’s say you always wanted to be a sports car racer, and it is something that you were passionate about since you were a small child. However, when you speak about your dreams to your friends, they always downplayed your dreams and told you that it was impossible because no one they know has ever succeeded.

· In the least, constantly being belittled and hearing your dreams are not possible will encourage you to not speak about your ambitions with your friends. And because you spend a lot of time with them, your feelings of excitement and passion become suppressed, which creates an environment for stagnancy and inactivity.

· And in a worst case scenario, you begin to believe what your friends are saying, and repress your dreams deep inside of you and begin to do what they do as opposed to being true to you.

· Always remember, when you see someone’s true colors don’t try to paint over it

· Sometimes you will have to lose friends to find your peace, and other times the friends you gain will inspire you to do more and be more.

· By choosing your friends, you are choosing toe experience a life worth living.

STEP 3 - Don’t compare yourself to others

· Although it can be useful to set goals according to what others have accomplished as inspiration forward, it is important to never compare the value of your truth and your lived experience to that of others to not compare yourself to others is to respect your vision, your past, and your choices forward on your journey to being true to you.

· It is important to always consider, that at any given time, you are only seeing what others are showing you, which is often just a portion of the reality that actually is.

· Because you have different values, and a unique perspective of reality, it is likely that some of the sacrifices others have made would not be worth it according to what is important to you

· For example, let’s say you know of a couple that in your perception, is the ideal that you would want in your life. They always look so happy, they always seem to be traveling together, and they seem like they are so in love.

· However, in order to upkeep that image of perfection, the couple actually spend very little genuine time together, and they are more focused on their image than their actual relationship, which has them both feeling a void deep down inside, is that a sacrifice that you would be willing to take?

· Always remember, your progress doesn’t need to be validated by other people. Encourage your fulfillment by valuing and accepting your feelings/needs without judgment.

· And become the value that you seek.

STEP 4 – Trust your gut

· Trusting your gut is an important part of becoming fulfilled because it is becoming in tune with your true self.

· To trust your gut in this context means to feel what is going on around you and to consider acting according to the indications of your true nature

· This is important because our minds are often clogged with expectations of who we think are and what we hope that we should be.

· Trusting your gut encourages you to make peace with your thoughts and emotions and to take actions that are directly in tune with who you are

· Always remember, your gut feeling will let you know before your mind is ready to accept, the distance between the two

· Being so rigid stops you from being able to make the most out of situations

· To trust your gut is to be open to adapting and changing your goals when you are met with new information

· Sometimes it’s because we are stubborn and attached to what we believe should be why we never find fulfillment despite life’s many efforts to push us in the right direction

· Adapting encourages change, and thus encourages you to explore, outside of the realm or environment that you are used to

· And As said by the Coding Jesus, All change leads to different opportunity.

STEP 5 - Don't commit to your bad days

· To not commit to your bad days is to consider that not because your day started out on a negative note, that it can’t end on a positive one.

· We often become emotionally attached to our problems, which encourages us to keep them on our minds long after they have manifested, sometimes without any intention of creating a solution.

· To not commit to your bad days is an important step to finding fulfillment because it is the awareness that things could change for the better.

· Thus, if you are not sure, or feel like you are not where you want to be, it is a confirmation that not because you don’t understand now, that you will never understand.

· To not commit to your bad days includes fairly reacting to your environment, and allowing inspiration to make its way into your life, despite how bad things appeared to be a short while ago.

· Always remember, the more we dwell in negativity, the more it begins to shape our world view, and thus who we become.


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